Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 Weeks Till Thanksgiving Challenge


At my meeting Tuesday we were introduced to a fun new challenge. Eight weeks to get to Thanksgiving, eight weeks to see what we can do. We have been given a new challenge for each week and our leader is sticking it to us. LOL.

So, she showed us this FABULOUS visual of butter sticks, but before I get to that... Our leader made us pee our pants as she described how she actually attempted to "string sticks of SOFTENED butter" and was going to attempt to wear it around her waist to show us what 4 extra pounds would look like. Bwahahaha.

So the visual chart showed a ton of butter sticks stacked. And the gist is that it equaled four pounds of weight. And if you only lose a half pound a week, in the next eight weeks that would be four pounds gone from your body. That's pretty darn cool.




So, I haven't read through the entire challenge article...yet. But rather am going to take it one step at a time. And I feel moved to blog about it, so you get to read about it. LOL.


So I have now committed to this eight week challenge. Our leader has asked us to track for 7 days (I generally do anyway) and print off our trackers for the meeting Tuesday... Sweet, easy enough; no problem.

Oh crap... Uhhh, well you see I have a confession. I committed to this challenge and then being so pissed about my lack of loss yesterday I sort of bombed my meal plan...HORRIBLY. As I have NEVER done before since starting this program. It wasn't just "sorta" bad, it was awful. But I have to own up to my own stupid mistake.

For those who don't know, as part of WW you are allotted a certain amount of points per day, as well as an extra 49 points that you can use as you see fit for the entire WEEK. I generally do not touch those extra 49 points. As of this post I am at a daily 35 points and some times I struggle to get all of those points eaten daily. But I digress...



Sigh, I have committed to NOT letting this happen again. Yes, I am human and allowed to splurge, but that was a little bit beyond splurging. :( As if lunch weren't enough I said screw it to dinner as well. I had NO vegetables, NO fruit yesterday and I'm pretty certain I only drank one third of my water allotment. I have however turned over another leaf, and I am committed.

I certainly could have swept this under the rug. But who am I kidding? We are all human and we are allowed to make mistakes. I'm certain I'm not the only one out there, but I want you to know that just because you may slip up one day, doesn't mean it has to undo everything you've worked for. And yes, I will be printing this off for my leader... *shudder in fear*

I worked my ass off for those 50+ pounds I've dropped and just because I said F-it yesterday doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I will progress, I will move forward and this challenge will help me do that. {For the record, this mornings 50 pound post was scheduled ahead of time, so it was totally coincidental that I screwed up and had to post about my boo boo the same day.}


I'm sure you're wondering what's up with paper turkey? So are we. LOL. Our leader handed one out to every one and told us to be sure to bring it back next week. She followed that up with "I'll get you some plastics so you don't get your turkey wet." ????? A small group of us had to question that. What are the turkey's for and what would we be doing with them that they could potentially get wet? LOL. She quietly whispered that there are EIGHT FEATHERS on that turkey...hint hint and perhaps that turkey might end up with some feather stickers on it. Wink Wink.

Ooooohhhhhhh. Okay.

So next Sunday I'll post that weeks challenge from the book and take it from there. I have no real layout for this challenge since I haven't read through it, but I'm kind of excited about it!

So what can you achieve in 8 weeks? I'm pretty certain I will pound out those pesky 4 pounds of weight!


BEE said...

thanks so much bout the info about the challenge ....i am so in lol ty ...i didnt think she was doin it intentionally either i knew she said in one post she was very busy i was just hoping i could still get in on it :-)

Lovebug6100 said...

I go to my meeting on Saturday so I can't wait to get the material. I think I'm going to get a little expandable file for all my WW stuff....I know about bad days...I have one yesterday but I finished the day at 50 points. For me, going off the deepend looks the same as your day. When I'm bad, I'm really bad...and for the whole day. I think what's worse is that I don't even realize how bad it is...but I was probably having 82 point days 4 days out of the wonder I got here....but awareness and motivation is what keep us looking forward and not're still doing great!

Bobbi Sharp said...


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm certainly glad I'm not in this boat alone. Being accountable to myself (aka blogging) has been a great eye opener for me. Thank you for your encouraging words.

As for the WW material. I try to keep only 1 month of "weekly's" in my little blue bag they gave us at sign up. The rest I keep in a small plastic tote for reference. There are a lot of great recipes in there, and quite frankly I paid for those so I'm not throwing them away! LOL.

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