Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weigh Day



Weigh in Day!!!!

8.28 = 230.4
9.04 = 230.0

-0.4 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 30.0 pounds

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:


Today I'm pissed. I'm so pissed I didn't even want to write this post. I'm freaking LIVID. I even left the house for weigh in and forgot to take my breakfast with me for after my official weigh in. I haven't a lot to say other than I'm upset. This isn't right nor fair. I've worked my butt off, watched what I've eaten and have nothing to show for it this week. P-I-S-S-E-D.

Wanna know why? This was my weight 3 days ago, which put me at 50.0 pounds down:


No need to comfort me or blow smoke. I'll get over it, move forward, yada yada yada. It just flat out sucks that there's no reason for a jump like that. No.reason. Oh, except for lack of sleep.

Positives: I lost weight. I hit the 30 pound mark in 5 months. I didn't gain. My leader & I decided that next week at weigh in we'll go and adjust my start weight to include the weight I lost right before starting so we have a total weight lost instead of this and that... if that even makes sense.

Also I will be posting a new recipe and information on a fall challenge I will be partaking in and encourage you all to do so too! :)

Now I need to get some sleep before I lose it again.

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