Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge

So, my friend, Thunder Thighs posed the question, does anyone know of any Fall blog challenges. Well, I Googled until my fingers hurt and found zero things out there. More than likely I wasn't Googling properly. LOL.... total 12 year old thoughts running through my head right now. Moving on...

So, Crystal beat me to the punch and beginning Tuesday, September 11th we will begin the first Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge (FFFC). <<< You can find the rules by clicking.

Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge

1. Optional weigh-in weekly - With the beginning and final weigh in being mandatory, I am going to opt in for weighing weekly. I mean, I already do anyways and post it for the world to see, so why should this challenge change that?

2. Weekly challenges - These again are optional, but I think it's important to complete most, if not all, of this challenge. Besides, if prizes are involved...I'm even more motivated to complete them!

3. Prizes - HELLO! Prizes? What other motivation does one need? Oh right...the health aspect, but still, prizes just sweeten the pot!

So, I'm ready. Are you?

PLEASE be sure you share this challenge via Facebook, Twitter, Email, whatever social media you use. We want this challenge to start off on the right foot and the more the merrier. We all know how important motivation can be, especially when we are getting ready to head into that dangerous time of the year. You know, Halloween candy, Pumpkin Pies, Turkey & Dressing, and home made candy season.

1 comment:

ThunderThighs said...

I'm so ready - let's do this!!

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