Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sweaty Mug Saturday... er Sunday.


Welcome to Sweaty Mug Saturday! 

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday I was super busy, got a sunburn and pounding headache and just passed out at the first chance. :)

Here are my sweaty mugs for the week.


Sunday - 6.1mi Ride
Monday - 6.14mi Ride
Tuesday - Rest & Recover
Wednesday - Rest & Recover
Thursday - 6.37mi Ride
Friday - 7.02mi Ride
Saturday - 2mi Photography Walk

What is Sweaty Mug Saturday? It's your chance to show off your hard work for the week and do a little networking. To participate you simply need to strive to work out at least 5 of 7 days and snap your sweaty mug after.  Exercise means 30 minutes of true exercise, not laundry or grocery shopping. Not to mention, it gives everyone great ideas for ways to mix up their current routine.

How does it work? Simply blog about your workouts for the week, posting your "sweaty mugs." Visit A New Me, and link up with your blog URL to your Sweaty Mug post for the week. Then visit everyone else's blogs and give them a hand for their hard work and they will return the favor.


Sweaty Mug Saturday

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