Sunday, September 30, 2012


Oh my holy insanity! So we recently got our hands on the infamous "Insanity" DVDs.


*Blink Blink*

I decided that there was no better day than today to start this awesome program. Ummmm, what the hell was I thinking? Oh that's right. I need to start toning up my body and doing primarily outdoor cardio isn't going to make that happen. Now, a little back story... I SUCK at DVD workouts. Suck. Why? Probably because they are generally lead by some super annoying coach who can take and stick their dumbbell where the sun doesn't shine for all I care. I have NEVER EVER stuck with a DVD program.

So why the heck would I try out this program? Well, because I have several friends who have worked the program and are proof it really does work. So, I guess I decided I needed to up my game. I need to challenge my body as I'm not getting the same sore muscles I had when I first started walking, running and biking. I feed off of that kind of pain...yes, my husband calls me a freak. ;)

So today I started with my first fit test. Let's just say thank goodness the blinds were drawn. I had to modify the Push-Up Jacks because quite frankly I have no upper body strength. I'm lucky I can hold a plank. Another thing I discovered... it doesn't matter how much weight you lose, you have to find a way to tighten that loose skin. Seriously I'm sure it looked like sacks of potatoes flopping around by all the noises coming off of my skin smacking itself. *shudder*

Moving on, sorry about the visual, So today was day 1 and I will have completed the 60 day program on December 1st as long as I stick with it. This means I will now be forcing myself to work out 6 days instead of 5 days a week. After completing the fit test, I must say I'm really diggin this work out. It's such a simple concept, but execution is a little tough for me yet. But I am determined to make it to the end!


Fit & Fabulous Fall Challenge by Thunder Thighs

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