Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Progress Post

First off, let me just say "Blogger, get with it already. I despise you these days and your ridiculous craptastic customer service. Seriously people shouldn't have to play 50 questions with their computer to find a solution to comment on others blogs." {For the record, temporarily, if you are unable to comment on others blogs (aka it takes you into the login death loop) simply uncheck the "Stay Signed In" box when you are forced to log in.}

Moving on. First I wanted to tell you all a little about part of my inspiration on this journey. I have some really amazing internet Mama friends and not too long ago a certain Mama named Alison decided it was time to shed some weight and get healthy for her and her daughter. She started the original challenge of 60 by 30. Meaning, she wanted to shed 60 pounds by the time she turned 30 this fall.

I joined in on the "fun" and challenged myself to get healthy. I desperately need to lose weight and go from being morbidly obese to normal. I have two young children and a life a head of me. No more standing back in the corner and watching everyone else live their lives. So, basically Alison has been a source of inspiration from day one of my journey. She's been there with me through the ups and downs. We've laughed together, cried together and held each other's hands when called upon. I honestly don't believe I'd be 25 lighter at this point had it not been for her egging me on my way. She constantly encourages me and let's me know that things will be all right when I'm not feeling so. For that I had to give a great big shout out on my blog to Alison. THANK YOU!

If you'd like to see Ms. Skinny Minnie Alison, check out her blog My Journey to a Better Me! Since we started our journey in January, she has now lost 40 pounds and is only 20 pounds from her goal. I would like to encourage everyone to drop by her blog and congratulate her.

Alright, now onto ME. As per my previous post, I am ready to write another Progress post, a happy progress post. I am now officially 25 lighter than my start date in January!!!! So this means, I've been able to add my 25 loss badge to the top of my page, as well as my Milestones page.

Scale Junkie, Healthy You Challenge

This also means I updated the ever-so-dreaded Progress pictures. Now, my pictures are very disturbing in the fact that I stripped down as near to naked as possible. Why? Because I need the cold hard truth of what is going on with my body. Are they disgusting? To me, yes. BUT, and this is a BIG but; they are becoming less and less alarming to me. I am over the moon happy that I decided to take the leap and take these type of pictures when I did. Because now, I can see the change. Unfortunately I do not have pictures from the very beginning of the journey, and I wish I did, so I could see the changes on an even more incredible scale. But, the two sets I've taken so far will suffice. I'm not going to post the pictures directly to a post {ever} but you can always find them by clicking the Progress tab above.

I guess to recap...I'm ecstatic that I've met what I consider my first major milestone - 25 pounds gone. Never to return! This also means I've lost a quarter of my weight, so three quarters left till I hit my goal. It also means that I am now below pre-pregnancy weight. That feels so amazing to type!

Looking forward:
My next major milestones would be hitting 48.8 pounds lost {228.8lb}. That would put me at the halfway point. Then next one would be hitting 50 pounds lost {227.6lb}, because we all like cute round numbers. And the next ultimate goal if you will would be hitting 224 {-53.6lb}. Why? Because {if I recall correctly} that's how much I weighed the day I married my husband nearly 4 years ago.

I'm telling you all, I'm on my way.


Anonymous said...

Go You!!!! Congrats on your 25 pound weight loss, that's awesome!

Heather said...

Great job!!

Alison said...

*crying* First, let me say: YOU are as just as much MY inspiration! I'm so glad that we have been on this journey together! You are such an amazing, strong, motivated woman and I'm so proud to call you my friend and "weight loss buddy" ;) So happy for you hitting this first big milestone and I can't wait to cheer you on and celebrate all the other milestones with you!!

Keep it up Mama! Tons and tons of hugs!!!

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