Monday, May 30, 2011

Step Into Summer {Week 2 of 9}

So you're probably wondering what's up with the confusing title? Well, this is my second week partaking in the challenge, however it's Fitblogger's 9th week...

I did decent with my goal, but I didn't accomplish it 100%. So, let's take a look at last weeks goal:

So what goal would I like to set for myself this week? I challenge myself to open the brand spanking new Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout Video and sweat. Not only that but I'm going to challenge myself to do the workout at least twice before next Monday rolls around. I'm also going to challenge myself to get back to drinking strictly water, with the occasional Coke Zero splurge. I've definitely been taking in too much sodium. I think these are feasible goals and more so I think that I will kick this goals butt!

  • Open my Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout - CHECK
  • Sweat - CHECK
  • Use the DVD two times - No Check
  • Drink Strictly Water, with occasional Coke Zero splurge - CHECK

So here's what happened; I opened the DVD with the two-year-old in the room. She obviously wanted to watch Mommy's DVD. That was motivation enough to get it playing. Then we busted out my dumbbell's and her V-Tech dumbbell's. During the middle of the routine she decided it was potty time (God love potty training). Unfortunately that lead to discovering #2 in her underwear. In her defense, when asked why she pooped in her underwear instead of the toilet, she said she was busy Mousekersizing {Thanks Mickey Mouse}. So did I sweat, yes. Did I play the DVD again? No. I did get plenty of other sweat opportunities going around the house and outdoors in the steamy weather.

On the water front, I have to say that combined with eating no less than 2,000 calories seems to have helped get me out of my funky slump. I did have 2 Coke Zero's this past week, as well as Almond Milk and Healthy Balance juice, but otherwise I was all about the water.

Let me introduce you to my little friend. :) His name is SubZero. I have fallen in love with my stainless steel 32oz water bottle. {Available at Walgreen's $4.48} I fill this beauty no less than four times a day. Is that a lot of water? That's 128oz of water (and ice) or 16 cups of water. Am I floating? Ummm, no, well sometimes. Apparently my body is really, really thirsty. I crave water, so I guess it's a good thing, at least I consider it a good thing.

So, now we know where I was this past week, and now I'll move on to where I want to be this week. You see the picture above? What's wrong with this picture? It's my treadmill. You know where my treadmill is? Sitting in my living room...collecting dust. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been moved, other than for vacuuming, in months.

Week 9 Goals
  • Blow the dust off of and walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes, twice.
  • Continue to chug water until my body says no.
  • Weather permitting, either take the kids for one walk or a bike ride.
  • Nutrition ~ Continue to avoid eating out at unhealthy restaurants. {I'm pretty sure this helped in last week's goal}

I think if I keep going at this rate I may meet my half way point before the fall !!!!  After all, I've already reached the first quarter mark this week and hit my 25 pound loss {happy progress blog to follow}! I cannot wait to see what the scale says this Wednesday. As of this morning I'm sitting pretty at 252.4, that's 3.6 pounds down from last Wednesday's weigh in. Something is working for me and I must keep it going.


Alison said...

You are doing such a great job!! And you're new goals sound great! Keep it up Mama, you are certainly doing lots of things right!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your bottle, I have a few I use and I bought one for my bike cuz I get thirsty on the trail.

You seem to be doing really good. Keep going and watch those pounds drop!!

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