Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back on the Wagon

So I took several days off from walking. I need to recoup as well as get some major projects around the house accomplished...and uh, yeah I'm still working with the hubby on them. I know that it shouldn't be an excuse for bailing on exercising, but sometimes I just get in that mood. It's not like I'm sitting on my butt veggin'. I'm actually sweating my butt off, but for the sake of the 100 Mile Challenge it doesn't count. So I had to throw some strength training in so I could keep up with my miles. Good compromise I'd say.

I'm not sure what the scale will hold for me in the morning. Here lately I've been having a rough time staying away from the sodium and fast food. :/ But I'm heading back in the right direction and that's what counts. I will say I did hop on the scale after my run tonight and it's where I thought it might be if I did a morning weigh in. So maybe there's still hope?

Oh, did you catch that? I said run!!! Yeah, since I've been "off" I figured I need to boost my workout a little. So tonight I did a lot of intervals and managed a 45 minute run... 3 miles at 15 minutes each. How freaking awesome is that? Not bad for someone who weighs 250 pounds and is pushing two toddlers in a stroller?

If felt amazing to know that my body could actually handle that type of workout in it's current condition. I have to give credit to Baby Girl for pushing the running. They both really enjoy it but she's my little coach. She counts me into the intervals and when I slow down back to walking she says "Okay Mama, break time." It's really amazing how much a young child can push you to do things you thought you couldn't do.

Well I'm off to stretch some more and see if I can get this tendon pain to knock off.

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