Monday, July 4, 2011

It's been a whirlwind

I feel like I've been neglecting the blog, yet again. But in truth I've been busy walking, raising the kids, keeping the household going and gardening. I've also been helping the hubby out with yard chores. Bare with me as I have several pictures to share with everyone. As you can see above...numalicious food from our garden. Yummy kale (perfect for baked kale chips), cherry tomatoes (awesome snack food), gypsy bell peppers and a purple beauty bell pepper, and a mix of chile's and jalapenos.

Now, I learned a very valuable lesson when I volunteered to push mow the lawn for my husband. Never let him volunteer to spray you with sunblock. Otherwise there's a very good chance you'll end up pinstriped.

Yes, my white skin is very easily burned and the hubby missing spot was very obvious. >:( I've also got a great farmers tan working for me since I always wear sleeved t-shirts when walking...what a great combo.

Now you're going to see some pictures of my sweet new exercise tool. The BOB Revolution Duallie SE. Isn't she pretty? It's a lot lighter than our tandem stroller and has some amazing features. The canopies drop down far enough that kids don't have to have the hot sun beaming in their eyes while we walk. The seats are very comfy and padded. There are mesh pouches on either side of their seats for taking toys along. The canopies have see-through windows so I can keep an eye on them. And this bad girl has SHOCKS!!! The kids have never had a smoother ride. And considering a lot of the ups and downs on the sidewalks...their spines deserve a smooth ride. They do have a tendancy to antagonize one another. Big Boy likes to stick his foot in Baby Girls eye and Baby girl likes to yank his arm as far over as possible. Fun times I'm telling you. But for the most part They both have an equal opportunity to see what's going on around them while we're walking and with our tandem Big Boy was always stuck behind Baby Girl. It's wasn't the worst view in the world, but I really think he enjoys "being her equal."
There are a couple of drawbacks to the BOB. 1) It's a pretty pricey work of art, but in my opinion 100% worth it. 2) There's no console for me to put my water/keys/cell phone in. For the price of the stroller it should be a mandatory accessory because who the heck walks/runs without water? 3) The carseat adaptors/snack trays are also optional. 

So once you've bought the stroller if you want somewhere to stash your water that's convienient you have to spend $29 on a fabric/velcro console. Then if you want somewhere for your kids to put a drink and some snacks you have to shell out another $57. It sucks that they work that way considering the price of the stroller, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I could have purchased the snack tray for $50 online but I'd have to wait until September to receive it. Thankfully the local running store had one on hand.

In the health is worth it and as my friend Christina has said time and time again, I'm setting a great example for my kids that exercise it vital and it can be fun at the same time.
Lastly, here's the promised pic of me with the kiddos. It's a semi-crappy self portrait, but hey you get the point. ;)

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financecupcake said...

Dang, mama, those arms are looking good (aside from the burn!)!!!

The BOB looks awesome! I love that you walk with the kiddos. I can totally see you walking or even running next to them while they ride their bikes in a few years. Family fitness is awesome!

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