Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weigh Me Wednesday

Fantastical day!!! Killer weigh in; kickin' bike ride; and a very worn out lady.

6/29/11: 250.6
I am now....
7/06/11: 248.2
Total Loss : -2.4 pounds

So just for giggles I had the hubs take some pictures post-ride. :) 9.7 miles in 59 minutes. It was mostly uneventful. The kids started howling so we shortened the ride. I was hoping to get a 14 mile ride in, but hey we made it work for what it was. And it wore me out so much that I had to take a nap with the kiddos.

Apparently while helping load/unload I ended up rubbing a chain on my forearm.
I was very humid and hot out, mix that with sunblock and sweat and every speck of dust on the trail ended up stuck to my body. :/ Hehe...nice boob sweat and yes those are bike shorts. Oh, and my bondi band says "Ride it like you stole it."
Nice shot honey...see it was a gross 9.7 miles, but totally awesome.
I'm even up one mile from my goal for the week so far for the 100 Mile Challenge!!!!


financecupcake said...

NICE LOSS!!! Wow, nice job on the ride! You are doing awesome, lady.

Alison said...

*Woot woot* :)

So proud of you and you're looking great! :)

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