Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holy Bras of Steel

Did that get your attention? Well, you see I've had several "tools" on my wish list since beginning my journey. Seeing that my hubby knows I'm taking this seriously he's been slowly surprising me with the tools I need to assist me on my journey. One of those in the top priority category are good (great) sports bras.

Now, I'm still primarily a walker, but as I've started jogging more and more its OVERLY CLEAR that the ABUNDANCE I am carrying needs nailed down, duct taped or otherwise strapped down to avoid any more riots as I'm bouncing along the streets of the neighborhood.

So, here's what I was after:

And that's exactly what I got. He bought me two LAST RESORT BRAS!!!! I'm like a kid in a candy store. Moving away from the candy. Let's just say if you ever buy one of these bras make sure you read the accompanying information. Otherwise I might have sent them back. They are "snug" but I can still move in them. The biggest difference is the girls are well bound in this sucker. They ain't going anywhere. I put it to the test tonight and I did get slight movement, but not the usual knock myself out with a boob movement. FABULOUS! It even makes me look slimmer in the torso due to all of the support, if only that were truly the case. ;)

This is what it looked like by the time I made it home...off to the left is nothing but black and grey skies...creepy.

Anywho, tonight's walk was short lived. I managed to squeeze two miles in, but there was ground to cloud lightning going on in the not so distance and I wasn't going to take a risk pushing it to three miles. I'd rather be short a mile for a night than to risk our lives with lightning. I've also worn another beautiful blister on my heel, but the left foot this time. :/

I'm not sure what's going on here. The shoes fit like a dream. I'm getting, what appears to be, plantar fasciitis pain in my right heel and now all of the sudden I'm working a hot spot on the arch of my left foot and a blister? Grrrr... But I'm determine. I will keep going, I must. I just have to work through the pain, do more stretches and make it work for me. I'm also contemplating mapping out a new route and perhaps pushing up to 4 miles... We shall see. How's everyone else's weeks going? Good I hope.

Tonight's dinner...Hickory Brown Sugar Chicken Breast (sounds more fattening than it is) with steamed green beans & brown rice.

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Lisa Mancini said...

First, That Bra looks great, and YES, you caught my attention. I'm always looking for GREAT sports bra's. I'm in dire need. Those clouds look ominous, but beautiful! Glad you got a walk in around the storms. And finally, I developed Planter Fasciitis last year due to the pounding on the pavement. I went to the store and picked up some inexpensive insoles, and I haven't had a problem since! GO GET THEM before you hurt so bad you can't walk! It's totally worth it!

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