Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Funk

Earlier today I posted my weigh in and it really got me into a funk. I was determined to workout none the less. As the evening drug on I sat and sat and I really, really almost didn't get out of the house. That's how bummed I was. However, the kids annoyed me into it. So I got ready, packed our stuff and put the kids in the stroller.

At first I was making every excuse under the sun to myself as to why I should just turn around and go home; my shoes are too loose, now my right one is too tight, is that tendon/ligament pain in my right ankle?, now my knee is hurting. See, every excuse. I pushed on and as I kept going more and more endorphins were release, and slowly but surely I began to feel better. I didn't notice that knee pain anymore. The ankle pain all but vanished, my shoes were fitting just right. We saw more and more people out as we kept going, which is funny because I guess the rest of them are too wussy to get out in 98-100* heat? Whatever.

I jogged for longer intervals and my little mini-me coach kept encouraging me to run uphill. Such a goofy girl. And when I wouldn't run uphill I'd tell her that I soon as I hit the peak of the hill I would jog for her...she even made me pinky promise. It turned out to be a pretty good night.

On the way home we noticed the neighbors were still out, so after we were done we dropped by. My girlfriends were telling me about their interesting evening when one of the hubby's walked by and said "Bobbi, it's working for you, I can see some changes." *jaw to the floor* That really made up for my lousy weigh in this morning.  I mean my parents have yet to acknowledge that I've been dropping the pounds, sore subject. And here, my friend acknowledged it and it totally flipped that switch in my head that says "You're totally doing this for the right reasons and when someone else notices it's just a perk...but a cool one."

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Alison said...

I can not explain to you how proud of you I am for pushing through and for your kiddos annoying you ;) lol! I have been in that same exact situation so many times! And I'm so glad you got a positive comment (no matter who it comes from) because you ARE doing great and you CAN tell you are changing! :) It's a new week, you can't change the past results so just push forward to kick butt this week! I know you will! HUGS!

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