Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Muscle?

While being sore from yesterday's fabulous jaunt, I decided that I MUST try it again today and see if I could top yesterday's time. Sadly it was too windy out there to top it. I was basically like a lost grocery sack blowing in the wind. But that's okay. I was only 30 seconds off yesterdays pace. Not too shabby for a gal my size.

Yesterday, 16:23 pace --- Today 16:51 pace. I'm debating if I'm going to just keeping trying to improve my time or if I want to increase my distance??? I like going four miles, but... {I don't know what the but is, so I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll just wing it?}

In other news, note to self: stop wearing undies while running, totally causes problems and adjusting in public is humiliating. {sorry for the visual} Just sayin'. ;) 

Changing subjects; Last night after showering I was about to reach down and dry off my calves. I flexed my calf while reaching and OH MY GOD... I have a freaking calf muscle. Definition in my calves? What the? I was shocked. I don't think I've seen leg muscle definition since I was running track in high school. Yeah... I'll have to dig a photo or two out sometime. I was basically a well endowed stick with muscle. What the hell did I do to myself? LOL.

Anyways, it was very motivating to see that change. Sure I still have tons of extra fat to be burned and flabby skin from gaining so much weight and having two kids so close together, but just that little glimmer of what used to be keeps me going. It reminds me that I can do this, and more importantly I WANT to do this. Is there any changes in your body that you've noticed keeping you motivated?

Happy Friday all!

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