Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Anchors

This weeks' theme at WW is Anchors. They are instilling in us the thought "What is your anchor?" In other words, what is the one thing (or things) that make you stop yourself from making a bad food choice and switching to a good food choice? What keeps you in line and lets you know you can do this?

It didn't take me long and I knew what my answer would be. My kids. More so number two, but I'll get to that. My kids are my anchor for several reasons.

  1. I need to be there for them: Both physically and mentally. I cannot in good faith raise healthy children if I myself am not healthy. They need me now and will need me in the future. I have to be healthy in order for that to happen.
  2. It's not fair: I cannot imagine losing one or both of my children anymore than I can fathom how they would get through life if I allowed something to happen to myself because I chose not to take care of this body. It's the only one I've got and now is the time to fix it.
  3. They rely on me: They all rely on me for moral support, physical support and nutritional support. I can say I was raised to the best of my parents abilities, but they were certainly lacking in the nutrition department. I refuse to let my kids grow up in a nutritional deficit as I did. It's up to me, and eventually them, as to what their nutritional needs should be and how to meet those needs. 
  4. I love them: Plain, simple and to the point. I love my children, my husband and most importantly myself. Okay, so right now I only like myself but I love the idea of the person I need to be. My family deserves a healthy daughter, sister, wife and mother. I deserve it.

But the true trigger that flipped my switch? I was able to give birth to my son with no drugs. Yes you read that right; no pitocin, no epidural, nada. Just good old fashion breathing, concentration, and pushing. I was absolutely determined to give birth to both of my children naturally and drug free. Unfortunately events occurred that prevented my wish with my daughter. But that made me even more determined to give birth to my son drug free. DETERMINATION. I made a choice, I stood by that choice and the outcome was amazing and so self gratifying. So, if I can be so determined to get through birth without drugs, why can I not do the same thing with weight loss? I mean afterall, the pain occurred through weight loss is nothing like giving birth. Bam. It hit me just like that. If I have a decision in this life, for this body that is mine, then darn it I can do this. It all boils down to what I am determined to do.

My anchor...
"If I can give birth to a child, drug free, then I most certainly can get healthy and lose this weight."

Oh, and don't mention it to my hubby, but in the end {once the weight is off} I'll be sporting a few new tattoos. ;)

So, what's your anchor? I'd love to hear.

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