Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weigh In Day



Weigh in Day!!!!

4.10 = 256.6
4.17 = 253.6 

-3.0 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 6.4 pounds

I'm totally digging this new plan. The food, the ability to still be human and make mistakes but know how to get back on track. I LOVE IT! Today was a great day at the meeting. I got my 5 pound sticker and totally made everyone drool after describing last night's dinner. Which coincidentally fit into today's topic of "How to put color on your plate."

We were discussing how to turn ordinary dishes into extraordinary dishes. The leader skipped the color green, but I spoke up about it anyway, because it wasn't the only color on my plate. Then I described the broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken and the salad I had next to it with spinach, romaine, strawberry, kiwi, and carrots. The leader actually said I made her drool for that meal. It made me feel good.

Then I got all sorts of "what time is dinner," "when can I come over," and even "when are you opening your own restaurant?" LOL. I think the funniest one, was this little old lady who asked if I cooked like that every night. I told her, that it is my goal and yes I am trying to do that.

It was great, and of course I gave a big shout out to skinnytaste.com and the leader was so happy I did, because she isn't allowed to bring it up because it isn't Weight Watchers endorsed, but it is WW inspired. And since I brought it up she was then allowed to talk about it. Yay! It was a great meeting.

When I got home I figured we'd squeeze in a walk...it didn't go as planned but that didn't stop me. The hubs is still gimped up from overdoing a run. He slowed me down, which is a total 180 from the normal. Then about a half mile in we discovered that Bubba was missing a shoe. So we had to double back and find it. Then the hubs decided he'd get his bike while we were at it so he could keep up. Then the grumpy boy started crying, I sent the hubs home to make lunch and I powered on. I didn't get my 4 miles, but 3 was sufficient for everything I endured. :/

Hope everyone else is having a great week!

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