Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching Up {Mexican Egg Mug Scrambler}

I've had every intention of updating several days ago, but man have I been busy... For three days straight I've been hectic busy. Landscaping. I've finally gained enough energy that the lawn just isn't sitting right with me. We didn't renew our contract with the lawn company two years ago and well it's a pathetic mess full of broad leaf weeds and bare dead spots. It actually makes me ill looking at it.

So we started sprucing it up, de-thatching and planting a couple of new trees. Well, while I was weed eating I nicked $400 worth of trees. YIKES! So then I spent the next afternoon building retainers around each tree, digging, leveling, pounding, back filling, mulching. Yes, I got a heck of a work out in. As if that wasn't enough, the next day I decided to put two new flower beds in on the shaded side of our house. It was just so blah, so I transplanted two Hostas out of full sun and into the shade. Then they just looked sad and the ground around them so blah. We had a dead spot where the fire pit wood had sit and killed the grass. And I loathe the area around the conditioner.

So we picked up some trim to hold back the rock, I purchased and planted two additional Hostas and two new Calla plants. Three trips and 15 bags of rock later I was done. Oh my goodness. If I never have to lift another back of rock again I'll be happy. By the time these three days ended my body was a wreck. I injured my right foot (pulled something?), head planted into the house and landed on my right wrist on the air conditioner pad bruising it bad, and had all around aching muscles. Hmmm, not so sure my calling is landscaping? LOL.

In the process I was so busy I did not eat right. :( As in I skipped my snacks and for the most part ate way too much sodium. In fact I gained weight and I was ticked especially after the amount of lifting and sweating I'd put in. The last two days I made it my job to chug water and try and rid myself of the excess sodium and it appears to have worked. This morning I'm down to a new low.

In the process of the last week I discovered a couple of things. We ate out at Arby's. Funny enough, my hubby is calorie counting along side me and he discovered that Arby's turkey sandwiches aren't as healthy as he thought. Duh! They feed you like 4 servings of meat in one sandwich. Anyways, I opted for a bacon turkey ranch wrap, sans ranch. And instead of my usual curly fries I got a side salad AND I only ate half the sandwich. :) That left me with half for the next day when I was too busy to stop and make lunch. I've also discovered Powerade Zero! I love it. I was doing the low calorie Gatorade, but I think I've found my replacement drink for after a hefty run.

And my latest adventure into new recipes.... I'm subscribed to Egg Beaters emails (I'm not sure why) and they had this easy and fast recipe. I love it. I get my protein, it's quicker than whipping out and heating up a pan and easier to clean up. LOVE!

I make a couple of modifications to the recipe. I used Egg Beaters Egg Whites and instead of Mexican cheese I opted to use Sargento's Reduced Fat Pepper Jack Cheese (1 slice torn in pieces). I also find it takes about 1 extra minute for it to cook thoroughly, but of course all microwaves differ. Then I pair it up with my favorite fruit and "poof," breakfast in a matter of minutes. And the best part? 3PP for the entire mug when you use whites. :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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