Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clean Eating Stuffed Bell Peppers

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This was one of my leftover "this & that" creations. It turned out so yummy, the hubby keeps requesting it! My MIL even asked for the recipe after eating lunch with us.

♥1/2c Brown Rice, cooked
♥5-6 Bell Peppers
♥3oz Onion, Chopped
♥10+ Cherry Tomatoes, halved
♥5-6 fresh asparagus spears, chopped into 2" pieces
♥8oz Chicken Breast, shredded
♥Sea Salt, Black Pepper & Chipotle Pepper, to taste
♥8oz Tomato Sauce - Basil, Garlic & Oregano Flavored
♥1-2oz Raw Milk Cheese, Shredded

1. Pre-heat oven to 400° 

2. Prepare you rice and set aside. 

3. Remove the tops of the bell peppers, and de-seed. Chop the tops, discarding the stem, and save for use. 

4. In a skillet, over medium heat, add the chopped onion, and chopped bell pepper tops. Cook until onion begins to break down. Add chopped asparagus and tomatoes. Cook for a few minutes more. Add the chicken, salt, pepper and chipotle pepper, stir well. Simmer for 5 minutes or until the asparagus starts to break down (do not over cook). 

5. Stir in the tomato sauce and rice. Transfer the mixture into the hollowed bell peppers stuffing them to the top. Place the stuffed peppers into a glass baking dish, make sure the dish is small enough that the peppers do not fall over. Top the peppers with any remaining mixture and then the shredded cheese. 

6. Bake in heated oven for 20 minutes or until cheese begins to brown. The peppers will be tender-crisp.

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