Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Favorite Fitness Sources

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What are your favorite fitness forums and blogs?

This one is a tough question of sorts. I follow several sources for a variety of reasons. Personally, with doing a lot of weight training myself, I tend to look more towards a variety of female bikini/figure competitors via Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. It truly inspires me to look at others and a lot of them have wonderful advice or post a lot of inspirational posts. I look at these women and see what they are able to accomplish and it makes say "why not me?" I also follow a few fellow "every day mom's" via blogger. I'm almost tempted to change the title of this post, because these ladies are more inspirational sources, rather than fitness sources. (I'm too lazy to redo my main picture for the title, LOL.)

 photo CandiceKeene_zps8b577493.png

Candice Keene - 2013 Figure International Champion

 photo ErinStern_zpsd46f0e2a.png

Erin Stern - Ms. Figure Olympia

 photo NathaliaMelo_zps8cdc0e05.png

Nathalia Melo - 2012 Bikini Olympia Champion

 photo SavannahNeveux_zpsbec18283.png

Savannah Neveux aka Muffin Top-less - Fit Blogger, Published Nutrition Author
 Employed by Iron Man Magazine

 photo NicoleWilkins_zps785cc74d.png

Nicole Wilkins - 2x IFBB Figure Olympia Champion, 3x IFBB Figure International Champion

 photo BellaFalconi_zps5130d671.png

Bella Falconi - NPC Figure Athlete and Fitness Model


The Fitnessista
Fat Girl Gone Fit
Sexy Mother Runner
Best Body Fitness

Exercise Resources:

Body Building
You Tube - Search for specific workouts/exercises or "exercise" in general

My biggest source of inspiration I find, is Instagram. There is really a great fitness community there and a lot of support from others going through their own journey's. I love posting there and getting feedback as well as applauding others as they work it out. ;)

There are a lot of inspirational sources out there. All you need to do is start looking, find the ones that move you and follow along! What moves one person, may not work for another but keep your eyes open, sometimes your source of inspiration is closer to you than you think.

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