Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh In Day


Weigh in Day

07.23 = 210.0
07.30 = ?????

-?? pounds

Total Loss to Date: 67.6 pounds
Ummm, yeah I skipped weigh in. :P

Yesterday's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:

 photo IMG_7534_zps3b2a0013.jpg

Yikes... this is what I get for cheating one too many times this last week. So, I hopped on again today... see, waste and water weight!

 photo IMG_7644_zps98162b16.jpg

It's amazing how the body fluctuates. Moving on... I don't have a fabulous Transformation Tuesday pic for this week but I did a face comparison... Oh My Word!!!

 photo IMG_7528_zps273f2870.jpg

And... drum roll please!!!!! I went shopping for another pair of shorts to get me through summer... I'm officially down to a 14. I don't think I've worn a 14 since grade school!!!

 photo IMG_7511_zps6a215aa7.jpg

To make things more interesting, the hubs asked me last night what size I started at compared to where I'm at now. I cannot believe I wrote that out!!!! I really can't believe I admitted to squeezing my rump into a smaller size for the sake of vanity and not wanting to actually purchase a larger size that actually fit. I'm also glad I'll never EVER see that size on my clothing again.

 photo IMG_7546_zps41802b38.jpg

As for my cheating ways these last couple of weeks... I've let myself indulge way too much. So I've decided to start photo-tracking my meals again. I may or may not post them here on the blog, but you can for sure find them on my IG acct. I started yesterday... so far, so good. It's definitely helping keep me in check. ;)

 photo IMG_7541_zpsd6f4c94d.jpg

What methods do you use to keep on track?

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