Thursday, July 7, 2011

{ Week 1 } 100 Mile Challenge

{ Week 1 } 100 Mile Challenge

7/01/11: 3 miles ~ 19:09 avg pace
7/02/11: 3 miles ~ 18:28 avg pace
7/03/11: 0 miles
7/04/11: 0 miles
7/05/11: 3 miles ~ 19:05 avg pace
7/06/11: 4 miles ~ 9.7 mile bike ride in 60 minutes ~ 9.8 avg mph
7/07/11: 3 miles ~ 18:01 avg pace

Weekly Total = 16 Miles

Challenge Total = 16 / 200 Miles

This week I embarked on a fun challenge. The goal is to walk (or run) 100 miles in a 3 month time span. I did my math and pushing myself to WALK 5 days a week in three months would put me at 195 miles. Now I am a crazy kinda gal so I upped the anti and said I'd pledge 200 miles. See...told you I was crazy.

This week went relatively well. I even got my first bike ride in!!! Granted I rode nearly 10 miles, but for the sake of the challenge bike riding isn't mile for mile. :/ That's okay I still scored 4 miles for my ride (15 minutes of "other" exercise = 1 mile). That puts me one mile over my goal for the week. Tonight I felt like I was booking it on our walk, but it wasn't my fastest time, it came in second to a June walk I had.
So each week you will see me chronicle my journey through this fun exciting CHALLENGE. Here we go. Also, it's not too late to jump on board. Hope to see ya'll there!


Mannie said...

Hey, good luck with this challenge. I have a bad history with challenges - I tend to fail them so I'm hoping that you're going to do better than I! Also congrats on losing about 10 percent.

Bobbi Sharp said...

@Me ~ THANK YOU. It hand't crossed my mind to put it in percentages...that's kinda cool. :)

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