Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food Poisoning Sucks!

Just an FYI, if you can avoid it, NEVER get food poisoning. Apparently Baby Girl & I ate some bad turkey burger Monday evening for dinner. Baby Boy had baby food, so he avoided it, but lately he's been begging more & more for table food, so I'm glad this wasn't one of those nights. Luckily I caught the hubby at work and told him don't eat the turkey he'd taken for lunch.

Basically I crawled into bed at 8:30pm and rolled around in pain until 2:30am. I called the hubby at work because I was miserable. Every time I felt like throwing up, I had to go number 2. Fun. So he suggested I take some Pepto to see if that would help. As luck would have it, it did. Two seconds later I barfed up the minimal food I'd had the previous day...all of it. I then went into sweating and shivering. It sucked hairy balls.

So I called the hubby back begging him to come take care of me, which I knew wouldn't happen. I stumbled to the kitchen for some water, and on my way back decided I needed to check on Baby Girl. I knew something was wrong when I walked in. She was sitting up at the end of the bed and squeaked out "Mama." I turned on the light to find her bed soaked from head to toe in vomit. (Sorry, I have no TMI filter. The joys of being on a close knit Mama board.) The only thing similar the two of us had to eat the day prior was dinner, turkey burgers and Fuji apples. So, yeah, I had to crawl in the shower with Baby Girl to get both of us cleaned up. Then we proceeded to watch cartoons until 5am when I made her go to bed, after vomiting three more times in my bed.

I spent most of the day in bed, in pain, crushing headache, terrible stomach ache. I am so over this. So how will my week go? Well it's after midnight on Wednesday, and I still feel like crap, but can't you tell me?

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