Monday, February 14, 2011

Weigh Me Monday

So this week was rocky, icky food poisoning seemed to help the cause I suppose. However, I'd prefer to never have food poisoning again. Still no exercise, but a LOT of house cleaning, laundry and dishes. Did I mention that apparently you can sweat your butt off doing house chores? Aside from that I did get some low impact walking in while shopping. I looked like a lunatic rushing around the grocery store, but it served a few purposes. One, I "worked out", two we got the shopping done faster, and three it kept the kids from griping about taking too long shopping.
2/07/11: 272.4

drum roll please....

2/14/11: 267.4

Total Loss: -5.0 pounds
YAY ME! That's a total of 10.2 pounds in 42 days. Not too shabby considering I didn't gain them all overnight. I'm also super excited that I get to change my Healthy You Challenge badge to a "10 pounds lost" badge! *Thanks for the applause.*

In fitness news, I still could not find my hand weights. While I was at Wal-Mart I ran through the fitness section and scored some 3 pound hand weights on sale for $3.00 each! I was debating if I wanted 3's or 5's, but went with the 3's because they were on sale and I can always "upgrade" once I get some core strength back.

My goals for this week: Continuing to eat healthy, splurge only when necessary, and I WILL GET ONE WORK OUT IN. In fact I plan on doing it as soon as I'm off here, while the kids are napping. ETA: I DID IT!!! I hate/love Jillian, but I did it. Knees popping and all. Day three of the 30 Day Shred is done.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite workout? Is it a particular video, a certain circuit, or just something that makes you feel good when you're done?

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