Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh Me Monday

Holy crap batman! I had a terriblerific week (yeah, I made that word up). I was doing great, until the end of the week. Saturday was my baby's first birthday party so we were out running around picking up the last minute items such as cake and food for everyone. That of course lead to "I'm hungry what do you want?" My response, I don't care I'm starving, *insert crappy fast food restaurant here* sounds good. So needless to say I ate like crap, ate wayyyyy too much junk food, and I snarfed down probably a good quarter of a sheet cake loaded with mouth watering buttercream frosting (see culprit below).

As for workouts...not one. Not one, how freaking sad is that? However, I did bust my lumps to get a ton of house cleaning done, which will take it out of you. It also lead to some profuse sweating so it wasn't all bad. But as for core stimulating workouts there were nada. I feel so craptacular. I know better, why can I not put forth the effort??? So this is why I sit here with a gain rather than a loss this week. My goal for the upcoming week is to focus on my nutrition more, and work out TWO times. Yes, two is minimal but I KNOW it is doable.

1/31/11: 269.6

drum roll please....

2/07/11: 272.4

Total Loss: +2.8 pounds

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