Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Balsamic-Glazed Roasted Chicken

My oh my, where to start? First off this recipe gives you an entire piece of chicken for a serving...that's a LOT of protein. I personally wasn't too hip to the smell of the red currant jelly or the balsamic vinegar. But I must say, OMG, when you put the two together for a glaze, watch out because there will be a taste explosion in your mouth. I couldn't believe the herb taste, courtesy of the thyme, yet a burst of sweet fruitiness. I also paired it with Green Giant's Healthy Colors Valley Blend veggies. We'll definitely be making this yummo dish again.

I'm also going to start including the nutrition facts for the recipes to give you an up front look and then you can decide if you want to access the recipe from the link provided below the meal picture.
^1 serving = 1 breast^

I give it five out of five apples.


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