Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today was a decent food day. And considering I upchucked once, due to the excess phlegm in my throat, all is fair. I definitely did better at getting more veggies and grains in.  The sodium levels were a little high, but in my defense I needed to tenderize the deer. Anywho, the exercise was still a no go; vomit, dizziness, coughing until I pee my pants - you know the routine. So here's looking forward. I definitely took a step forward with my meals, especially breakfast. Now I'm on the hunt for "what works for me." I'm looking into weight watchers, but will have to do a boot legged version because I'm too poor to pay to participate. It's the method that counts right? LOL. I just suck at meal planning because I always want to do what's "easy" because I have to wrangle two kids while cooking dinner if I have to cook it...decisions, decisions. So if anyone has some great meal planning tips/software/suggestions, hook me up. I'm a girl in need!

Also here's a list of my nutritional goals set by my Fitness Pal. They guide you through your physical profile and determine the best way for you to lose the weight in a healthy manner based on your profile, BMI and whatever other factors you may choose if you don't use the recommended weight loss per week goal. I've found it to be mostly accurate and I really like seeing where I'm going overboard and where I'm lacking.

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