Monday, January 17, 2011

Banana-Berry Smoothie

I have never in my life had a smoothie, let alone one that contains tofu. I always thought..ewwww tofu is gross. I'll be honest I had my reservations and every possible "taste" ran through my mind while I was making it. So Baby Girl woke up from a nap and wanted a snack which happened to coincide with my snack time. So I busted out the blender, the o.j., a banana and some frozen blueberries (I did not add the optional sugar). Baby Girl helped me with the blender, and nearly had a fit. She wanted to push the buttons so bad and once she did she freaked out because she thought she did something bad. It was pretty funny. Any who, I have one word for you: YUUUUUUMMY! I will be making smoothies a part of my normal routine. I didn't taste one bit of tofu, simply banana's and blueberries. SWEET! After Baby Girl downed a glass and my two glass serving, it left a smidgen over which I stuck in the freezer and will unthaw for a snack tomorrow. I'm so happy I decided to give it a try.

Even baby girl agrees..."smoovies good."
In the end I give it five out of five apples.


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