Friday, January 7, 2011

ONE Manageable program

All I want is ONE freaking system that can do what I want it to. I currently use My Fitness Pal to track my calories, which is great, but I also am using MyPyramid in order to track that I'm meeting my daily food group requirements. WHY can there not be one software that does both? Most program only allow you to track/view your calories and a gives you a graph of carbs vs fat vs protein. Don't get me wrong, that's useful information, but I need to be able to see that I'm meeting my requirement and plugging info into two programs is getting old really fast.

Now I'm sure you're going, okay, so why don't you do it old school? One - because I'm lazy like that and want a quick fix. Two - because there's the issue of human error in the paper and pencil method. Three - I'm a dreamer.

I guess I'll just do whatever it takes to my ducks in a row. These past two days have been great food wise.

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