Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is Here

Where the hell have I been???? Umm, yeah I've been aROUND. But seriously, I fell into a pit of depression and slowly have been working my way out. Seriously I cannot for the life of me figure out what went wrong or why I fell off the wagon.

All I know is that I was in a very lonely place and didn't want to come out. I didn't want to work out. I didn't want to even think about eating nutritiously. I just.didn' Slowly I kept think, this isn't right. This isn't me. I have to find the positive side of me. Slowly that positive side emerged.

For Christmas Adam got me a couple of nutrition books so that I can hopefully work through my meal choices and begin eating healthier. I'm really excited about Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes. I think once I can figure out a better menu strategy the nutrition for endurance athletes book will really help kick things up a notch. BUT I really have to start at square one and revamp this crappy eat the same things five times in a row routine. Sure it's great cooking all of our meals once a month because that leaves little choice when it comes to dinner. I don't have to think, I just pull something out of the freezer and we're good. However, the meals we fix aren't necessarily the best menu options out there. I've already started reading Sports Nutrition Guidebook and I KNOW I'm not getting all my recommended vitamins from fruits and veggies and I'm lacking in several other food groups. So, I *think* I'm on the right path here. Knowledge. If you don't KNOW, then you won't KNOW.

Right now I am battling some virus and it's giving me a wicked cough and nasty thick snot (sorry for the pretty picture but it is what it is). However, one of my girls started up a workout train and I'm jumping on. As soon as I can stand without getting dizzy I'm hopping back on the rower and getting down to business. I HAVE TO. So right now my goal is to lose 95 pounds in one year, or as long as it takes to do it in a healthy manner. I really think having my girls for moral support is going to help in the long run. I've also signed up on My Fitness Pal (free) to track my meals vs. calories burned. I'm a "have to see it on paper" kinda gal. I love being able to see that I'm meeting my calorie requirements and/or see where I can use improvement. Just another too to help get me on the right track. So back to studying I go!

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