Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am so freaking proud of myself you guys!!!! Tomorrow is my official first "weigh in" with my support group (aka Dec Mamas) and I'm pumped. Just by cutting out the junk food and pop, I've already dropped 4-5 pounds. Now I'm sure somehow that can be attributed to water weight, but weight is weight. But, just so I don't get discouraged in the future, after my weigh in, my hubby will be taking my measurements. Not sure when I'll be up to sharing that info with the world, but at least I will be able to tell if I'm losing inches when I'm not necessarily losing weight.

Here's why I am the most proud:

Today's meal schedule includes some Kashi w/ strawberries, some awesome leftovers of slow cooker Chicken & Herbs, and for dinner tonight some wonderful Super Easy Chicken. And of course a lot of veggies and fruits thrown in which makes for an awesome pick of foods from each food group as you can see below. This is the BEST day, food wise, so far. The only group I'm lacking seems to be grains. I've been thinking of ways to get that extra ounce of grains, yet keep my calories in the range they are now. None the less, I will take it!

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financecupcake said...

Gret job!!! Doesn't it feel good to put that kind of stuff in your body? You are doing fan-freaking-tastic, and you should be super proud. :)

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