Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Salad Wraps

Let's start off by saying, this recipe sounded good in theory. I was pumped, until I realized that the recipe calls for Fish Sauce. Okay, we'll try it anyways. I was slaving over the stove, cooking the chicken, and fixing the "dressing." I opened the bottle of fish sauce, and obviously sniffed it like any sane person would do. Ummmm, have you ever smelled really, really bad body odor mixed with butt scent? Yeah, that's how I would describe Fish Sauce. Of course the recipe states that it is a pungent smell, but that's not my word for it.

The next step is to add lemon juice to the sauce, so then you end up with lemon scented butt smell. Hehe. I was seriously starting to doubt my decision. I got all of the ingredients mixed up and ready to go, minus the tomato because my husband is a weenie and refuses to eat them raw. Don't worry, this tomato loving gal still put them in her wrap. I took out two wraps, served up the mix, tossed on some tomatoes and voila, dinner!

I must also note that I totally love the smell of fresh mint!
Isn't the mix pretty?

Now for the taste test...tastes pretty good. I can't describe the dressing's taste, but I do know that the mint totally counters it. It really tasted good, BUT I could still smell lemony butt with every bite. So, going forward if I had to make the dish again, I would do it sans Fish Sauce. It's hard to swallow bite after bite, knowing that every time you put the wrap to your mouth you'll smell lemony butt. Otherwise I liked it...I'm still waiting on the verdict from my hubby. We'll see what he says after he tries it.

In the end I give it three out of five apples, only because the smell is powerful and makes it difficult to continue eating.


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