Saturday, June 18, 2011


Tonight/Today was amazing!!!! Our best friends called to let us know that they set up a water slide in the front yard and we were welcome to come hang. They also set up a big pool for the big kids and a baby pool, with whale slide for my little two munchkins. So of course I *gulp* put on a swimsuit (a maternity swimsuit), got the kids suited up, and headed out. It was fun. Both kids thought they could get in the big pool, but I quickly through them in the baby pool and they were super excited about the slide. We spent hours out there.

I ran back to the house a couple of times to grab healthy snacks and water for myself. Then B decided to grill steaks. Of course L had to run to the store for sides. Insert big sigh here. Our neighbor A tagged along w/ L and they came back with... *drum roll please* a bag of Lay's chips, watermelon (I'm allergic to), pasta salad, ambrosia salad, and Watergate salad. Really???? Gah. I was about to back out of dinner, but since B was slaving over the grill I didn't feel right about it. When B asked what happened to baked potatoes, L responded that they thought the salads would make for a lighter dinner??? Really? Here, let me serve you up a scoop of sugar, or how about sugar, or ooh, how about some fatty dressing drenched starch???

You guys would be so proud of me. THANKFULLY A had the smarts that we did need real fruit. So she pulled out some frozen tropical fruits to unthaw for us (strawberries, pineapple, mango, and peaches). So I had 4oz of steak and a half cup or so of fruit. Oye. I love my friends, I really do but they are part of my summer time can't lose weight problem. I stuck to my guns, didn't give in and made it through dinner. By then it was past the kids bed time and I still hadn't walked. So I excused us and said "I'm sorry to eat and run, but I really have to get my walk in." They applauded me for my determination.

So I set out for a 3 mile walk in 60 minutes. Low and behold I finished 3 miles in 54 minutes!!!! That's 18 minute miles. I'm am so over the moon with myself. Since I stuck to my green smoothie, and healthy snack and ate reasonably I did reward myself with a smore or two around the ole' fire pit when we got back. Hey, I was under my calories and I showed restraint, I think I owed it to myself.

The best part of this whole day is knowing that I do have the strength and will power, even when faced with horrible temptation. I can do it. Also, it doesn't hurt that when I stepped on the scale this morning it showed 250.2!!!! FINALLY I got through the 251 hump, now I'm hanging on to hope that Wednesday's official weigh in is still as good.

Oh and tomorrow their planning on smoking ribs for Father's Day...I'm going to arm myself and bring some actual salad comprised of romaine and spinach so I can have a decent side with my meat. I also talked to Adam about laying out/marinating some chicken to grill so I didn't even have to deal w/ the ribs. I still think I might do that.

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day!

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