Saturday, June 4, 2011

Snacks & Stuff

I'm not a huge fan of celery per se, but it was a necessary evil for a recipe my hubby plans on fixing. He said we could fore go buying it, but I disagreed. So I picked up a bag and today I was having a weird celery craving...not necessarily for the celery, but more so for the peanut butter I think. It was a tasty treat. After dinner Baby Girl said she was still hungry (We had Super Easy Chicken, Rice, and Steamed Broccoli) so I offered a stock of celery with a small scoop of peanut butter. This kid is over the moon for peanut butter, especially if the spoon that accompanies it is edible. So, apparently she takes after me? After that she was still hungry? So her and Bubba split a fresh Georgia Peach. I'm so proud.

This afternoon the hubby found that our poor little garden was looking rather wilted in the nasty 90+ degree heat. So we sprinkled a little water on the plants and they perked up. Tonight I gave them a good bath and hope they continue to look good. I cannot wait to start harvesting my goods. There are so many cherry tomatoes, The bell peppers are really starting to take off. The Gypsy's are about three inches long now and the other bells are finally starting to pop tiny peppers. The hot peppers are doing okay. We have jalapenos and chile's going, but it seems the habaneros and Tabasco's are still way behind. Even more exciting I noticed a couple of blooms on my poor crippled Butternut Squash. Then I saw two gorgeous tiny squash are growing!!!! WooHoo.

Finally...I think this is the longest I've sat on a box full of projects before. :( I ordered some more goodies to make hair bows for my DD but I haven't found the time to actually sit and work on them. This is HUGE for me as I almost always start the project 5 minutes after the box arrives and right now it's been sitting for nearly a week. after I get some treadmill time in.

This brings me to a question. I set a goal of getting on the treadmill twice, but I have not been on it yet. HOWEVER, I have been working my butt off around the house, getting a lot of walking in and I took the kids for a walk, so does that cover my treadmill goal? Should I still be pursing getting my butt on the treadmill even though I already feel worn out from everything else I've been doing?

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