Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why I love DailyMile

1) I can map my route before or after my workout. I can also view it in "street view," "satellite view," or "terrain." It logs every inch of my walk and tells me just how far I went or planned on going.


2) It lets me look at my workouts from several different angles, such as how many times around the world I've been; how much gas I've saved, how many workouts, and my total miles.

3) Best of tells me how many donuts I've burned off. :D

Seriously, it's an amazing tool. So glad I gave it a try.


Jessica @ Shut Her up with Chococlate said...

It's pretty cool the way your Daily Mile stats are posted on your blog. Is that automatic?

Bobbi Sharp said...

@Jessica - I assume you're referring to the widget above? If so, yes. As soon as I post a workout to my DM profile the widget automatically updates with the lastest entry. HTH.

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