Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where I'm At

Can you tell where we were?
Did you miss me? Well you'll be pleased to know that our road trip was successful. I took fresh bananas, cuties, grapes, pre-cut strawberries, cheese sticks, fully frozen smoothies, freeze dried fruit, and several bottles of water. Oh yeah! For what it's worth, from now on we will totally be bringing grapes and strawberries along. I used Mason jars w/ lids and rings to keep the fruit fresh and from getting squished in the cooler. The glass jars also helped keep the fruit super cold.

Saturday after our cousin's wedding we took the kids back to the house and I plugged in my calories....I was under 1,000 for the day. OH NO. So I did the stupidest and most logical thing at 10:20pm and sent the hubby off to McDonald's. *shaking head in shame* I can't be too shameful as I truly needed the calories and there weren't many other options at that time of night in a podunk town.

Sunday we got up and I was so proud of myself. I drug myself to the kitchen and pulled out a banana and some strawberries for my breakfast. Half an hour later the hubby tells me we're packing and heading to a restaurant before leaving town to have brunch with the grandparents and my in-laws. *slaps hand to forehead* Really? I just freaking ate my breakfast and you're saying that you had planned this and "forgot" to tell me? Well, I stuck to my guns and had water and a plain waffle...no butter or whipped cream. I didn't feel miserable afterwards and if I'd have gone my usual route per my past it could have been much worse (read: it would have included all of the above plus bacon, sausage, and Lord knows what else). On the trip home I stuck to my fruits, we didn't make any gas station stops, so all was well. It helps that I explained to the hubby before hand that this trip doesn't mean that all my hard work is coming undone. I've changed my mental state and he needs to help me stick by it, and that's just what we did.

As far as working out...I didn't NEED it. Reason? I (stupidly) planned a photo shoot the day before we left. I unintentionally did about 30 minutes of squats while taking pictures of 3 little kids. Ummmm, can you duh? Then I came home and after dinner went for our usual 3 mile walk... in record time mind you. So, needless to say I was barely able to walk all weekend. Stairs were killer and my legs were randomly spasming during our drives. Smart one I are.

We went ahead and did another 3 mile walk last night and the beginning was torture for my legs, but the feel a lot better today, so I think it essentially helped. I'm skipping a walk tonight because I push mowed our yard for two hours, so my hubby didn't have to. Work is work, sweat is sweat.

Yesterday we took a trip to a running specialty store so I could get my feet sized for proper shoes. I'm hoping to heal up my heels and start wearing my new tennies!!!! These will be specifically for work outs only and should last for 400-500 miles. I'm super excited to have a dedicated pair of shoes to work out in. My hubby about lost a nut when I told him how much they cost. But, if they are going to last, they should be expensive for what they are. I really loved the store associate too. She had me walk so she could see what type of shoe I needed and then made sure to pay attention to the fit of each shoe I tried on. Seriously, I never knew some of the stuff she did to ensure proper fit. I'd always gone to Joe Blows and tried on a few pairs until I found one that fit "okay" and "looked pretty." This time Id didn't even care what they looked like as long as they are going to assist me in my journey. Total leap forward in my mindset I'd say.

Looking Forward...

Thanks to Lisa at Challenge Accepted for cruising the internet and stumbling on my next challenge!

Starting July 1st, the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge encourages everyone to walk/run 100 miles in 3 months (ends September 30th). There are rules to the challenge, you can check them out here. I officially pledged 200 miles today. I did the math and if I can keep up walking 5 days a week, at 3 miles per walk I should be able to reach no less that 195 miles. So, I rounded it up to 200 miles. I hope some of you will joining us in this fun challenge! Thanks again for the stumble Lisa! You always seem to find a new challenge just as I need one...are you reading my thoughts? LOL.

And last but not least, there has been a request to see my new "beauty" aka the BOB stroller. So, either before or after our next walk I plan on getting some pics of me & the kids w/ it. Stay tuned for that!

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Lisa Mancini said...

I am so excited for that challenge too. I even whent for a decent run yesterday and realized that I can't start counting the miles until FRIDAY!!! I do that midnight run to McD's too. I scarf, then think. DOH!

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