Monday, June 13, 2011

Step Into Summer {Week 4 of 11}

Sweet week folks. I'm super excited about how this week turned out. I took two days of rest, but other wise am continuing to improve the length of my walks. I started out shy of three miles and was going to try a 3 mile walk last night, but ended up just under 4 miles, thanks to the hubby. So what happened with last weeks goals?

Week 10 Goals
  • Keep up with walking as many days as possible, walk for at least an hour. [Instead of walking for at least an hour, I pretty much switched to a mileage goal. In the end I went no less than 45 minutes on my walks and after starting my nightly walks I went 7 days on, two days off, and got right back on the horse. I cannot express how easy it seems to stick w/ walking after giving up/failing at trying so many other forms of exercise.]
  • Keep trying to eliminate eating out and unhealthy. [Super duper check on this one! I had that one day of splurging, which technically wasn't a day, just having a few pieces of left over candy, blech. Otherwise I seem to be on target. I do need to up my fruits and veggies again as I've notice a little slack there. I did however whipped up a few smoothies to stash in the freezer before the nanners went bad, so all I have to do is set it out before I go on a walk then I have a protein-fruit packed snack for when I get home. I also have to mention that both the kids are smoothie hound dogs. Baby girl LIVES for my smoothies and apparently brother loved them so much he up and took over sissy's drink while she was sitting on the couch drinking hers. It was pretty cute.] 
  • Continue avoiding pop. [Someone remind me the last time I drank a Coke Zero?]
  • Get one bike ride in, with or without the kids. [So, I let the ball drop on this one. BUT in my defense I'm still getting my lungs used to huffing and puffing up the hills in the neighborhood and quite frankly I'm finding the walking to be a very good stress reliever. Also it seems to wear the kids out mentally as we sing ABC's, count and point out new things they haven't noticed before. So it's almost become a mini-school session while we're walking.]

I am honestly the most proud of myself this week. I mean I always start something, but never seem to stick with it and walking has really just weaved it's way into my life and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. I'm a little sad at the moment though because it's looking rather doom and gloom outside so I don't know if we'll be able to get a walk in. :/

Moving forward...

Week 11 Goals
  • Continue walking, sticking to a 3 mile goal and push for farther distance if I can.
  • Reward myself (pending on good walking habit) with one "eat out splurge." - Yes I apparently have to give myself a "goal" in order to feel good about splurging.
  • Keep up the water chugging and avoiding pop.

So in other upset news...I have found that my supposed great deal on a heart rate monitor appears to be a flop. (wha wha wha) It appears that around 20 minutes into my walk I start sweating profusely, I *think* once the sweat gets between the back of the watch and my arm it doesn't want to take my heart rate. So then I have to either attempt to remove it while walking or stop my walk to "fix" the situation and it's getting really, really annoying. If I can't take my heart rate frequently, it can't judge the amount of calories I'm burning and that frustrates me. Guess I'll have to sell a body part to afford a decent monitor. Oh well.

Hope everyone else's weeks were great too!


Anonymous said...

I never thought about freezing smoothies for when I was in a hurry or needed one NOW. Wonder if there are some you can and some you can't freeze?

Laura Jane @ Recovering Chocoholic said...

Wow, sounds like you've been doing great. I do agree with you that walking is the easiest form of exercise to stick with. I'm sorry about your heart rate monitor. I have one which I love.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

You are doing so well! I bet it feels great. Keep up the good work... let the momentum build:)

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