Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I'm Worried

Here in the not so distant future we'll be taking a road trip. This will be our first road trip since I started my weight loss journey. I'm getting a little nervous. In the past we would pack fruit snacks, trail mix, various snack crackers...not exactly all healthy. Add to that we generally hit the nearest McDonald's for an overnight breakfast or midday lunch...not exactly adding up to be a good time on the waist line.

I'm fretting over what I can take for a five hour ride. I plan on taking any bananas left over at that time, maybe some cuties, otherwise I'm sorta stumped... anybody have any suggestions?

Secondly I won't be gone that long, so I'm not sure how worried I am about getting a workout in. I think I'll be okay skipping two days, but who knows I may take the kids for a leisurely walk because quite frankly I'm enjoying it.

Okay, enough fretting. I forgot to weigh in this morning, so we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. :)


Mannie said...

Having just had a trip out of town with me ending up buying a lot of things I shouldn't have bought, I'm torn between saying either bring all your food with you, with the promise to yourself to not buy a single thing while away, or enjoy yourself, buy something two or three times while you're out. If you hardly ever go out of town, well maybe you are 'allowed' a treat.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

What do you snack on at home? We have a huge road trip coming up and we'll have a cooler in the car so I am bringing cheese (string and babybel light) and cut peppers and grapes and blueberries and probably also grape tomatoes. I tend to want to eat a lot when we are in the car for hours:( Last year I made roasted chick peas for a long drive. I will also probably have a protein bar or too but I can overeat those very easily. Most fast food places have salads although they are pretty unexciting. Good luck!

Jessica @ Shut Her up with Chocolate said...

Have you already gone on your trip? I'm late to the party. I like to bring apples and bananas because they travel well. It's hard to resist McD's when you can smell the sausage, but try to eat your own stuff when everyone stops there for breakfast. There's nothing worthwhile on the menu at breakfast, as far as I know.

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