Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cucumber Tuna Cups

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*1 Med-Lg Cucumber
*2.5oz (1/2 can) Tuna in Water, Drained
*1 Wedge Laughing Cow Cheese, of choice


*Melon Ball Utensil
*Fruit/Veggie Peeler

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(1) Peel your veggie if desired.
Remove the ends. Cut your cucumber in uniform pieces.

(Note: If your cucumber is large you can shorten the length of cut but you may not have enough tuna to fill all the pieces.)

(2) Stand the cut cucumber pieces on end. Using your melon ball tool, gently begin digging wells in the cucumber being careful not to go all the way through.

(3) Continue step 2 until you've made it through all the pieces.

(4) Once you've made your wells in all the cucumber pieces you can either discard the seeded portions you've removed or you could add them back to your tuna mixture.*

(5) In a small container, mix the tuna and cheese wedge until mixed thoroughly.

(6) Take your tuna mixture and begin dropping it into the cucumber cups until distributed evenly.

You can either eat them immediately or you can chill them a little while in the fridge. I generally make mine before I work out so they are ready to go after my shower. If you plan to chill them, simply place in an airtight container. I do not recommend leaving them overnight as the components tend to let their moisture loose and then you'll end up with a goopy mess.

*Points + = 3 for the entire recipe!
 photo TunaCups4_zpsb9a2eb87.jpg

*I have yet to add the seeds back in, but will try it in the future.

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Treesa said...

Thank you!! i can't wait to make these... all these ingredients are on my grocery list for the week!

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