Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh In Day



Weigh in Day!!!!

12.24 = 216.4
01.08 = 219.6

+3.2 pounds

Total Loss to Date: 58.0 pounds

Still no laptop... so I'm a day behind. ;)

Today's first-thing-wake-up-naked weight:


So it may appear that I've taken a step back, but not really. In reality I am so flapping sore it's not even funny. There are tons of tiny micro tears in my muscles and this is just my body's way of trying to repair them. I've missed lifting weights and I'm glad I chose to start the year off on the right foot.

My leader weighed me in, looked at me and said "you don't seem surprised?!" I responded "Nope, I started weight training this week and have been barely able to move afterwards. LOL." She said well, that's too be expected then, but stick with it and the scale will move back in the right direction. And I agree, so it's nothing to get upset over.

In fact, here was today's weigh in:


As you can see my body is just trying to process all of the madness I've put it through the last week. I'm feeling stronger already. I have a lot more pictures to share but I'm being kicked off the computer so the hubs can sleep. ;) I'm going to attempt to post them from my phone, we shall see if I can handle that. LOL.

For now I'll leave you with a quick progress pic.

December 2010 vs. January 2013
While they are mainly face comparisons, it's still amazing to me the transformation that has taken place. And look... my dimples are finding their way back onto my face. :P

*Oops! Thanks to Ashley for pointing out my date error on the progress pic. That was 2010 not 2012. ;)


~Ashley~ said...

Way to go, looking great! But I question the dates on those progress pics... was that REALLY just last month? Because that seems like outrageously crazy weight loss!

~Ashley~ said...

I gotcher back ;-)

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