Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daily Dose

 photo 1-31-13food1_zps0e9481e3.jpg

  1. Meal 1 - Protein Bar {5PP}
  2. Morning Tea {1PP}
  3. Meal 2 - 2 Cuties {0PP}
  4. Meal 3 - Apple, Fage + PB2 {2PP}
  5. Meal 4 - Super Salad, Oven Roasted Chicken, Creamy French {3PP}
  6. Meal 5 - (6) Fajita Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers {9PP}
  7. Workout - Chest & Triceps, torn down! Growing some callouses. O.o
  8. Meal 7 - Post work-out protein shake with Milk & PB2 {5PP}
  9. Meal 8 - Tuna Couscous Concotion {6PP}
  10. Night cap - Bedtime Tea {0PP}

Total Points Consumed: 31 Points Remaining: 2 Activity Points Earned: 3

 photo 1-31-13food2_zpsae00cb1e.jpg

So, this morning was rough... up all night with not one but two sick kiddos, early am appointment with the chiropractor (who praised me for my working out and how well it's impacted my spinal health), and a very sleepy mama all day long, who wanted to skip her workout and crawl in bed early... very happy she stayed up to work out!!!

 photo 1_31_13WOLog_zps2215c311.jpg
Screen capture from my JEFit app.

Here's my first 4+ weeks of my new routine! I only missed ONE DAY and it was a cardio day. I feel super proud of that. Just have to get through this week and the next and then my trainer will switch up the weights routine. YAY!!!!

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