Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daily Dose

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  1. Meal 1 - Whole Wheat Pancakes with Strawberries & Lite Syrup {5PP}
  2. Workout - Legs & Biceps. I had a workout partner with me and she did very good ;)
  3. Meal 2 - Clean Eating French Onion Soup with Whole Wheat Garlic Biscuits {8PP}
  4. Meal 3 - Protein Meal Bar* {4PP}
  5. Meal 4 - Chips & Queso (No I didn't eat the appetizer all by myself) {9PP}
  6. Meal 5 - Salmon with vegetable medley {8PP}
  7. Meal 6 - Side salad (I tossed the croutons and cheese and the dressing was gross so that disappeared too) {0PP}
  8. Treat - Angry Orchard's Hard Apple Cider (Yes, I indulged more than I should have) {16PP}
  9. Treat #2 - I had a small slice of birthday cake and blech I cannot believe I used to love butter cream frosting. It was so sweet I couldn't even finish it. {5PP}
Total Points Consumed: 55 Points Remaining: -21 Activity Points Earned: 7

 photo 1-19-13food2_zpsd260bfdf.jpg

*Today was such a whirl wind. After eating my lunch I had to jet off to the farm to photograph baby goats for a farmers website. So I spent 3 hours without eating, yikes! Luckily the hubs through a bar in my purse and I chowed down while hurrying back home because we had plans for the evening to join our BFF's for a birthday celebration. I really could have planned a little better. Oh wait I did! I tossed in some peanuts and two cuties, however I found out that it's near impossible to drive home and peel a cutie at the same time. So the bar won.

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