Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily Dose

  1. Meal 1 - Strawberries & Cream Oats with Flax seed and fresh strawberries {4PP}
  2. Meal 2 - Super Salad with a smidge of Creamy French {2PP}
  3. Meal 3 - Roasted Asparagus & Spicy Garlic and Black Bean Burger {4PP}
  4. Meal 4 - Rotisserre Chicken on Whole Wheat with Laughing Cow Light Swiss & Romaine, Freeze Dried Strawberries and a mug of Yogi Muscle Recovery Green Tea {3PP}
  5. Meal 5 - 4oz Roasted Lemon Pepper Salmon, Roasted Green Beans & Baby Carrots {5PP}
  6. Meal 6 - 3/4 of an apple and 3oz Fage Total 0% with 2tbsp PB2 {2PP}
  7. Workout - Legs & Biceps 
  8. Meal 7 - Post Workout Protein Shake with Milk x 2 {4PP}
  9. Night Cap - Yogi Bedtime Tea {0PP}
Total Points Consumed: 29 Points Remaining: 5 Activity Points Earned: 8


Great day, lots of movement since we had to get groceries. ;o) Everyone was worn out and went to bed early, except for me... I stayed up and lifted weights. I'm super pleased. I upped my squat weight from 20#'s last week to 40# this week. Definitely going to feel it tomorrow. I also upped my Step Up weights by 5 pounds as well as 10#'s more for the reverse grip bicep curls.

Right now I'm fighting to keep my eyes open so I'll end with Good Night!

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