Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keeping the Routine

It's sometimes difficult to keep with a routine. I get that. I've been through the slumps. But my mind has made so many changes over the past year that for whatever reason I am determined to make my goal this year.

I can't promise I can keep up with posting every day on the blog, after all I am a Mom/Wife first, athlete second and blogger last. So I hope you'll forgive me as I stumble my way through this. :)

For now to help keep myself in order I've downloaded the JEFit app. I love it so far. It's helped me with my workouts this last week. I plug in the workout as planned by my friend and then it basically walks me through each set and shows me how to do the workouts if I'm not familiar with them. I can't say enough great things about it.


And... here's more of my routine for the week...
January 5th - Legs & Biceps

January 6th - Cardio 5000m on the Erg
I've become a pro at pounding back no less than a gallon of water a day. :)
January 7th - Back/Shoulders, Calves & Core
I've taken up the art of food prep. Makes snacking and meal time a lot easier. Don't get me wrong I still cook dinner often, but I make enough to have a few extras for a couple of days ahead. Love it!

January 8th - Rest
Yesterday was supposed to be cardio day. Things did not go as planned. It was a crappy day from the minute I woke up. My daughter was in my room umpteen times through out the night and I ended up getting up around 6am for the day which does not make me happy on weigh in day. It seemed like nothing could go my way. So I ended my day with a nice mug of calm. I really enjoy this tea and it truly does help relax me and put me to bed a lot easier.

And now, to help keep my honest I will *try* to take a pic of EVERYTHING I eat (the good, the bad and the ugly) and post compilation pics like these. Again, don't hold me to it every day but we will see how this goes. LOL.


  1. Breakfast - Skinny Potato Cakes with Black Beans & Rotel and Strawberries {4PP}
  2. 3.16 mile run in 43 minutes, and Part II of my Virtual Half Marathon for this month.
  3. Post Workout Snack - Protein Shake, Made with Milk {4PP}
  4. Lunch - Super Salad (Romaine, Spinach, Green Onion, Cherry Tomatoes) with Grilled Chicken and 2 Cuties {4PP}
  5. My favorite "dressing" these days. Straight up Balsamic.
  6. Snack - 1c Raw Broccoli & 1c Raw Cauliflower with French Onion Laughing Cow {2PP}
  7. Snack - Special K Protein Meal Bar. This is the last one I had and will not be purchasing more. I'm trying to get away from so much processed food. {5PP}
  8. Dinner - Spicy Black Bean Turkey Burger, Broiled Spicy Sweet Potato and Brown Rice {8PP}
  9. Snack - Chocolate PB Sludge Don't worry, it's a LOT of protein to help get me through the night.{5PP}
  10. Night Cap - A relaxing cup of Yogi Bedtime tea. {0PP}
Total Points consumed: 32PP Points Remaining: 2PP Activity Points Earned: 9PP

And now I bid you goodnight.


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