Friday, January 18, 2013

Moms RUN This Town - Winter Runnerland Half Marathon


I DID IT!!! Over the course of 4 runs and it feels great. I had some cold and windy days but I'm proud that I finished it. :) I just turned in my time and I should be expecting a shiny new medal in my mail box soon.

Since I've never ran a half marathon before (whether virtual or all at once) I don't know if my time is "good" but it gives me a base line should I decide to run that far all at once in the future. I'm very proud that I made the decision to do this and very thankful I wasn't busting snow drifts to complete it. :D

1.4.13 0:43:40 3.12
1.9.13 0:43:13 3.16
1.11.13 0:41:17 3.08
1.17.13 0:52:37 3.75
3:00:47 13.11

So, as soon as my medal shows up I'll be sure to share a pic :)

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