Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Dose

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  1. DRINK YOUR H2O People!!!!! It's very important. I fill that bad boy every morning and that's my minimum. I often drink more than a gallon. But don't you have to pee a lot? Sure I do, but I also get activity points running back & forth to the restroom so often. LOL.
  2. Meal 1 - Egg Sammich + 2 cuties {5PP}
  3. Meal 2 - Chicken, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Squash & Strawberries {3PP}
  4. Meal 3 - Treat! 1/2c Kemps Fat Free Frozen Yogurt & 1/2oz Crushed Peanuts {4PP}
  5. Meal 4 - Ginger Honey Tilapia, Couscous, Broccoli & Cauliflower {7PP}
  6. Meal 5 - Carrots & Hummus {1PP}
  7. Meal 6 - Tuna & Snack Factory Pretzel Thins {5PP}
  8. Night Cap - Yogi Bedtime Tea {0PP}
  9. Meal 7 - Late night craving... PB Chocolate Sludge {4PP}

Total Points Consumed: 29 Points Remaining: 4 Activity Points Earned: 1

GRR... both the website & mobile app are down for maintenance. As soon as they are up I'll update my points. I tracked them, just can't retrieve them to log them here. :X
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