Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Poor Laptop

I have had so many thoughts swirling around my brain and I've had no way to get them out... this has really frustrated me. It actually took me nearly 3 days to get my New Year's post actually posted because of these fun issues.

My laptop has some serious "blue screen of death" issues going on. I've worked around it until today when Windows couldn't even open. :(

I'm telling you without my "therapy" sessions here I'm going to go nuts. The hubby is taking the laptop to a friend to see if it's fixable. I'm going to be horrifically sad if he can't bring it back to life because I wasn't able to backup several things before this last bout of issues started, more specifically  baby girl's birthday party on the 1st. If not I'll just have to manage using the desktop which is inaccessible during the day while the hubs sleeps. So bare with me...

Jan 2nd - 5x4 on the Erg

Since the 1st I have managed to begin getting back into my work out routines. I knew from the get go that if I want to make goal by my 1 year anniversary (March 27th) I needed to start lifting weights. Cardio has done wonders for me but it's time to start melting this midsection.

So I took to my high school best friend, a fabulous mother of three boys, who's "been there, done that." I knew I can learn a lot from her, but I'm so inspired by her. She's stunning, well educated and just a gorgeous person inside and out.

I meant to contact her prior to the beginning of the year so I could get my game plan in order but that didn't happen. So I contacted her on the 2nd and with some exchanges of detail she put together a 6 week plan for me. Eek! I was so excited and started out with this new plan yesterday.

Jan 3rd - Day 1 of Lifting

The first six weeks look like this:

Day 1 - Chest & Triceps
Day 2 - Cardio (Running)
Day 3 - Legs & Biceps
Day 4 - Cardio (Rowing)
Day 5 - Back/Shoulders, Calves & Core
Day 6 - Cardio (Running)
Day 7 - REST

Rinse, and repeat.

It was such an amazing feeling to know that one of my longest known girlfriends is standing beside me, hand in hand, ready to help me move forward on this journey. She's been beside me on this journey since September 2012 when we met up for the Broadway Bridge Run and we haven't looked back. I'm just glad that she felt moved enough to want to help see me through to my goal. <3

So in six weeks we will go back over the routine and tweak as necessary depending on where my body is physically at that time. Let me just say her work out is KILLER... And I'm wishing that sarcasm font had been created by now so you'd know exactly how I feel about some of the exercises I have to do. Another reason for sarcasm? I woke up with Jell-O arms this morning. LOL. And she's even thrown in the ever-dreaded walking lunges. I.hate.those.things. But I will do them because I know it's what I NEED to do. My butt and legs will thank me later.

Jan 4th - 28* Windchill + Running = Fun
Today was a very chilly day for a run, but I did what I needed to do; 3.12 miles in 43 minutes! I'm very thankful for everyone who has supported me thus far and I'm grateful to call many of you my friends. Hope your year is starting off on the right foot too!

Lastly, I'll leave you with some inspiration. One of my favorite apps is Instagram and I LOVE Muffin-Topless. Savannah is so inspirational and just knows what to say on those days I seem to need extra encouragement. :)

Savannah Rose Neveux (Muffin-Topless)

And... The No Sugar Challenge isn't for me... Long/short story; maybe another day I'll get into it.

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Hoot said...

Love the workout!!! It's so awesome you have a friend working with you!

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