Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily Dose


  1. Meal 1 - 1 Egg + 1 Egg White, Bell Peppers, Onion, Avocado* & Salsa {4PP}
  2. Meal 2 - Buffalo Chicken Breast on a bed of Romaine, with green onion, two cuites and a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin {8PP}
  3. Meal 3 - Cucumber, Fage Total 0% with McCormick's Produce Partners Spinach Dip Mix... I had too much dip and not enough cucumber so I smeared the remaining dip on top of a GG slice {2PP}
  4. Mid-Day Tea - Yogi Joint Comfort {0PP}
  5. Meal 4 - Loaded Baked Sweet Potato** {7PP}
  6. Meal 5 - 1oz Raw Almonds {5PP}
  7. Workout - Back/Shoulders, Calves and Core - I upped my weights for calves and I plan on upping them again next week... Silly runner has calf muscles here and isn't getting the burn she's after. LOL.
  8. Meal 6 - Post-workout Protein Shake with Milk {4PP}
  9. Meal 7 - Raw Broccoli & Laughing Cow Light Swiss with a side of 2.5oz Tuna and Snack Factory Deli Style Pretzel Thins {6PP}
  10. Night Cap - Yogi Bedtime Tea {0PP}
Total Points Consumed: 35 Points Remaining: -1 Activity Points Earned: 3


* This is the second time I've tried avocado and I still CANNOT get past the texture and taste. Ewwww.

** I was in search of a new sweet potato recipe and when I stumbled on this one I had to give it a try. As I was actually preparing the meal I thought...this is starting to sound disgusting. Seriously, sweet potato with Salsa and Cheese on it? It was the most amazing potato EVAH!!!! It's sweet but savory and oh so filling. LOVED IT!

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