Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just another day...

So I don't have a ton to say tonight. Today was decent food wise. I hopped on the scale this morning and it was back up again, no surprise. BUT I did get 7 hours of sleep, it was nice. Tonight I also tried out a "new" dish. Blech. I actually made this casserole back in January and it had been hiding the freezer. So this morning I had Adam pull it out so it could unthaw.

Oh my was it ever terrible. I was planning on sharing pics and the recipe but I don't know if it's even worth typing up. For the record it was King Ranch Casserole. It could have been freezer burn (although it looked okay) or it was just blah and merely tasted of nothing more than tortilla shells.

I feel a smidge of a slump here. Don't know if it's the gloomy, cool weather here or what. But I'd like to get back outside and take the kiddos for a bike ride or something. I just need to get over this hump.

I mean can you technically call it a slump if you lost 0.2 pounds? I don't know, I think most of it is excess sodium, not enough sleep, and not really eating properly. We bought a pizza and breadsticks on Friday. I ran out of fresh fruit and was finally able to get to the store today. I mean, really, I think I can pinpoint most of my struggles right now to the Easter candy. While "planned" it definitely isn't what I should be putting in my body.

Sorry for the rambling, but hey that's what my blog is all about. Getting things off my chest. So thanks for "listening."

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