Monday, April 18, 2011

Really? Has it been that long?

Funny thing, I just had a reader point out that it's been FIVE WEEKS since I've had a "back slide." I'm beside myself giddy about that.

So I guess to even things out I had three Toll House Eater Cookies tonight...a planned splurge! I couldn't disappoint my baby girl. After all she made these especially for me. I don't even really know how to describe "what's working for me" or how it's working for me, but I think I'm going to give it a shot.

The other night I had a great chat with my December Mama friend and Weight Loss Journey Motivator, Alison. (BTW, she's new to blogging; just started her blog - so hop over there and send her some happy weight loss dust.) Back to my story...

Alison & I were chatting and she asked me, what "it" was that is "working for me." I pondered a bit and then it dawned on me. I really and truly have made a life style change commitment, almost without even realizing I had done it. In the past I always thought it would be this be all end all, hardest thing ever in my life to do. But now looking at it, I made conscious effort and have stuck with it.

So some of the things I pointed out to her that I've added to my nutrition are: Tofu (in my smoothies of course), Morningstar Breakfast products (mmmm veggie bacon/patties), Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Pasta, a LOT more whole grains in general, my beloved FiberOne bars, Laughing Cow Cheese, Sensible Portion Pita Bites, Hummus, Egg Beaters, a TON more fresh fruits, a LOT more vegetables. I also try to get at least 64oz of water a day, which is very easy for me as I seem to crave water.

Things I've tried to cut out: Pop, empty carbs, excess added sugars, non-lean meat, eating out ALL THE TIME, snacking on "crap", and eating when I'm not truly hungry.

In essence, I didn't really realize that I was doing all of this, it just gradually started happening as I started added healthier food items to my diet. Do I still splurge? Yes. Sometimes unintentional, but for the most part I make planned splurges. Do I set out to eat healthy foods? Yes. I look at labels closer, pay attention to how much a serving is and how many calories for that portion. Then I ask myself, is it worth it? I really have to force myself to pose these questions late at night when I'm alone and looking for "comfort" in the fridge.

The biggest change truly has been portion control. I know every persons situation is different, but for me it's all about counting the calories and ensuring I'm only eating the appropriate portion. I never really realized how much I was overeating and I think that's the biggest factor that has gotten me thus far with as little exercise as I manage to get it.

It's still a struggle, but it's a battle I'm not willing to give up on. And that's something coming from someone who's given up countless times over the past 15 years. I just want to say a big thank you to my wonderful support system out there on the web. You need to understand just how much your comments inspire me to keep going.

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Alison said...

Bobbi, so your post gave me chills! :) I looove that our chat got you to take a good look at all the positive changes you've made! You are doing an incredible job and you help inspire and motivate me! Keep it up girl, and so glad to have you with me on my journey! *HUGS*

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