Monday, April 18, 2011

Weigh Me Monday

I have not been to bed. I've been up over 24 hours...I'm starting to get sleepy, but I've got stuff to do today. I'm hoping that I can *finally* get my sleep pattern back on a normal track. But every time I do it gets derailed and I'm right back where I started.

Food wise, even with the bizarre hours, I've done really well. So let's check the scale for this week, shall we?

4/11/11: 256.8
drum roll please....

4/18/11: 256.2

Total Loss: -0.6 pounds

A loss is a loss...and I'm happy with that. I am down 21.4 pounds so far. I'm closing in on 22 pounds and I can see that 25 within my reach!

My main goals this week are MORE SLEEP, more water, and more "exercise" (AKA, cleaning and laundry). I feel some heavy eye lids coming on, heaven help me!

1 comment:

Mannie said...

Hey that's five weeks in a row. My theory is that three weeks in a row or more requires dedication, and you've got it. Hope you get some sleep soon.

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