Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I did some research?

Last night I was on the prowl for a virtual weight loss do-hickey (yes, us MO hicks use that term). I wanted to see where I was, where I am, and where I want to be...visually.  Most of the simulators I found are no longer functioning. I did find a tool that let me adjust the weight, save the pic, and therefore gave me the desired affect I was after.

So let me introduce my Visual Me Project:

I started off at my heaviest of 276. As of today I'm at 256.6 = 21 pounds lost. My current goal is 180. Once I reach that main goal, I *may* try to slim down to 150. To me, that would be the ultimate goal, however there are a few pending factors. 1) I can reach 180 and 2) How goofy might I look at 150 and nearly 5' 8"?

Either way, I even played with the model to show the virtual difference of 276 and 256 pounds. It's a slight difference, but the best news of IS A DIFFERENCE. It's less than I have been, it's moving me towards that finish line. I have to be proud of that. Struggling through portion control, late night binging, and lack of exercise...I've made a difference in my body that will remain permanent. When I see these types of visualizations I know what I'm doing is working for me, and I just have to keep at it. Period, end of story.

I also stumbled on a fitness planner from Web MD...unfortunately they say I shouldn't be eating more than 1800 calories per day. My current alottment is 2,030. HOWEVER, WebMD will not take into account that I'm still breastfeeding, so...what do you think? 1,800 or 2,000 as my max calories per day? I *believe* (don't quote me on it) that when breastfeeding you need 300 extra calories per day, or is it 500? Gah, who knows, anyone?

P.S. I also missed my 4/9 deadline to update my progress pics, so I'll try to take some tonight. I won't post those directly to a blog post but my Progress Page.


ThunderThighs said...

A - us OH creepers say do-hickey too, though I've never tried to spell it, :) B - you definitely need way more calories than that while breastfeeding so stick with the 2000ish. C - I'm going to have to play with one of those virtual weight loss do-hickeys, that's really cool. And finally D - my stepsister is the same height and she just lost a bunch of weight and now is at 175. She looks AMAZING and I would not want her to get down to 150, she'd be all skin and bones. Just something to keep in mind. Great post!

financecupcake said...

The pictures are an awesome tool! Apparently we're the same height, so the pictures just motivated me, too. Thanks!

Definitely don't change your calories based on one site. Where did you get the 2030 number? If you're losing weight while sticking to 2030, definitely don't cut back to 1800. As you get lighter you'll have to start cutting back to see weight loss, but it looks like you're still seeing success at 2030. Keep it up, mama!

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